Primate Arena @ Église Saint-Merri, Paris

Église Saint-Merri, 9/11/14, 20:00

SOUFFLE Collectif and Rendez-Vous Contemporains de Saint Merry present:


• Bobby Moo (Arnaud Rivière, Alexandre Bellenger, Miho)
• Eran Sachs (Primate Arena, Cadaver Eyes)
• Jan Visocky
• Yoni Silver (Hyperion International)
• Andrei Kivu (Hyperion International)
• Roro Perrot (Decimation Sociale, Vomir)
• Joachim Montessus (
• Haggai Ferstman (Monotonix, Hyperion International)
• Kolkhose en soie (Members of Cheveu, Crack Und Ultra Eczema)
• Alex Drool (Primate Arena, Hyperion International)

“Always elusive and ever changing, the nomadic platform PRIMATE ARENA has for the past 6 years been conducting happenings and events which are dedicated to sonic delves into primatic non-sense coupled with attempts at unexpected, unfamiliar or weird forms of transcendence.
After having performed in London, Athens, Bucharest, Tel-Aviv and Brighton, PRIMATE ARENA will make its first ever event in Paris on November 9.
Taking sound as a starting point but allowing oneself the freedom to go beyond sound, through humor, performance, text, to be serious but not heavyheaded, to accept tension, stupidy and commitment – at times wild and shamanistic, at times rigorous and disciplined – and hopefully arrive somewhere meaningful (psychological, emotional, spiritual, transcendent).”

Sound: Elsa Desjardins

5 € / 10 €



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