Glowing in Light and Shade

Goldsmiths Univeristy, 24.3.15, 19:00

An evening of electroacoustic improvisation at the Goldsmith Great Hall, featuring Marjolaine Charbin (piano), Grundik Kasyansky (electronics), Visa Kuoppala (electronics), Tom Mudd (electronics), Yoni Silver (bass clarinet) and Artur Vidal (saxophone) in a configuration of three duos and two trios.

Marjolaine Charbin & Tom Mudd (piano & electronics)
Artur Vidal & Visa Kuoppala (saxophone & electronics)
Yoni Silver & Grundik Kasyansky (bass clarinet & electronics)
—– interval —–
Kuoppala, Kasyansky & Charbin
Mudd, Vidal & Silver

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 15.40.53FB event


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