May 6, 2015, 20:00
DZIALOV, Maybachufer 43, Berlin

Glad to join Derek Shirley (for the first time) and Johnny Chang (for the second) for a trio in what seems to be a very interesting evening…


Yoni Silver / Derek Shirley / Johnny Chang
frequency _ pulse exchange program

Adam Asnan solo
Work for resonant metal trays, loudspeakers and prerecorded sound

Plants vs. Animals
Christina Ertl: plants, plant recorders and amplifiers, field recordings (A/D)
a.melodie: plant synth (F/D)
Felicity Mangan: field recordings (AU/D)
Ute Wassermann: voice and bird whistles (D)

Adam Asnan is an electroacoustic musician and location sound recordist, based between London and Berlin. His work promotes the aesthetic potential of recorded, amplified sound, and the auditory ‘image’ subject to interference.

‘Plants vs. Animals’ consists of sound artists/musicians who work together to create hybridized ‘sound landscapes’.

Using animal sounds and their mimicries (vis-à-vis human voice, digital sound synthesis, extended trumpet and field recordings) as well as live-feed electronic signals and field recordings from plants, the group aims to realize real-time audio ecologies which are sensitive to the particular spatial and acoustic properties of each performing environment.

doors from 20h
music soon after !
entry 5-10 euro

Link to FB event


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