Denis D’or @ Café OTO

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Wednesday, 16.3.16, 8pm, Café OTO

Denis d’or, an electric grand piano mutation, invented in 1730 by the Moravian priest Václav Prokop Diviš in Prednitz close to Znaim. The instrument was 5 foot long and 3 foot wide, had 790 strings which allowed for 130 alterations but could still be tuned within 45 Minutes. With this instrument it was possible to imitate pretty much every wind and string instrument. Furthermore, it incorporated a built-in practical joke: the musician would receive an electric shock at the inventor’s or owner’s whim. Apparently the only existing prototype of this instrument was bought by Georg Lambeck, prelate in Bruck, who, as long as he remained alive, paid a particularly skilled musician to play the instrument. Robinson believed that, if he looked at it hard enough, he could cause the surface of the city to reveal to him the molecular basis of historical events, and in this way he hoped to see into the future. (Patrick Keiller, 1994) Есть звуки даже довольно громкие, но мало отличающиеся от тишины. Так, например, я заметил, что я не просыпаюсь от нашего дверного звонка. Когда я лежу в кровати, то звук звонка мало отличается от тишины. Происходит это потому, что он похож на ту вытянутую колбасную форму, которую имеет свернувшийся конец одеяла, располагающийся возле моего уха. (Даниил Хармс, Дневниковые записи

Denis D’or is:
Yoni Silver – bass clarinet
Tom Wheatley – double bass
Grundik Kasyansky – feedback synthesizer

Also on the bill is Daniel Malinsky and Nicola Ratti (headlining)

Bandcamp page
Event page on Café OTO website


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