Learning Songs @ Israel Festival, Jerusalem

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Monday 6.6.2016, 20:00
Tuesday 7.6.2016, 15:00 and 20:00 

A theatrical performance directed by Nava Frenkel and based on the persona and art of Louis Thomas Hardin, aka Moondog.
I will be portraying Moondog, speaking his words, and singing and playing his music on piano, violin, bass clarinet, etc.
With me will be performing Nava Frenkel, as a mother figure to a baby/child played by Shani Granot, and Guy Sherf will be portraying another Moondog (yes there are two).

Director: Nava Frenkel
Performers: Nava Frenkel, Yoni Silver, Shani Granot, Guy Sherf
Music: Moondog
Musical arrangements: Yoni Silver
Stage and general look: Alona Rodeh
Lighting: Ofer Laufer
Sound: Assaf Ashkenazi
Executive producer: Shani Shabtai 

Info and tickets purchase on the Israel Festival site
Event page on Facebook 


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