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16.10.16 8pm, IKLECTIC, London

Four Italian electronic musicians are coming to the UK for a tour.
I’ll be joining them for this gig at IKLECTIK where we shall form ad hoc groups.

Event on IKLECTIK’s website

Some info on the guys: 


SEC_ is the moniker of Mimmo Napolitano, electro-acoustic musician and composer from Naples, Italy.
His main instrument is the reel-to-reel tape recorder, that he uses to both warp sound materials, creating unpredictable and grotesque joints, and in connection with devices like no-input mixing board, synthesizer, pick-up, CRT TV, generating weird rhythmical interactions between devices and driving this way the musique concrète closer to power electronics and club culture. Continuously trespassing the borders between analog and digital, structured and improvised, narrative and abstract, SEC_ is rather interested in the relation between the physicality of sound (and of the generation of it) and what we can maybe still call “musicality”. Elements of this sound universe are cuts, bangs, twisted rhythms, sharp or animalistic sounds, deep drones, in which you can scent remains of industrial, techno, dub, metal, horror movies soundtracks…
Co-founder, in 2005, of the avant-rock band Weltraum, since 2008 he collaborates with Mario Gabola in the duo Aspec(t) and with musicians of different areas (electro-acoustic, noise, free-rock). With these formations and in solo he has played extensively around Europe, in many kind of venues and events, as well as in festival such as: L’Audible (Paris), All Ears (Oslo), Cable (Nantes), Flussi (Avellino), Akouphene (Geneve)…
SEC_ runs active collaborations with Jerome Noetinger (“Testacoda” LP), Olivier Di Placido (“Rainbow Grotesque” LP), Dave Phillips (“Medusa” CD), Dario Sanfilippo (“Fame D’Aria” CD), Ken Vandermark (Rara Avis band), Andrzej Zaleski (“Droga” CD), Andy Guhl, Jean Philippe Gross, Francisco Meirino, Evil Moisture, Scott Sinclair (releases upcoming)….
As a composer he has released five solo albums and many collaboration albums, and has received commissions for works from L’Audible festival (Paris), CSW (Warsaw) and Kunstradio broadcast (Wien). His piece “Outflow” has been rewarded with the PIARS prize in 2013.
Since 2008 he runs the label Toxo Records and curates concert series in Naples and Avellino.


Dario Sanfilippo was born in Agrigento, Italy, in 1983, grew up in Campobello di Licata, and is currently based in Edinburgh. He is a freelance composer, performer, sound artist and theorist whose research is focused on the study and exploration of complex dynamical feedback systems and their application in non-conventional sound synthesis and processing techniques, improvised human-machine interaction performances, and autonomous sound installations. His works and research have been presented in international festivals and contemporary music events such as AudioArt Festival, Curva Minore Festival, Acoustic Fields Festival, AudioVisiva Festival, Quiet Cue concert series, Logos Foundation series, as well as universities and centres like Naples’ L’Orientale University, Music and Performing Arts University of Vienna, University of Graz (IEM), Bangor University, Queen Mary University of London, Goldsmiths University, Institute of Sonology. His works and research have been selected for international conferences like International Computer Music Conference 2012, Sound and Music Computing 2011, Digital Music Research Network 2011, Colloquium of Musical Informatics 2010 and 2012, INTER/actions Symposium 2012, and they have been published by record labels such as Creative Sources, Die Schachtel and Idroscalo, and journals like Computer Music Journal (MIT Press). In the course of the years, he has collaborated with artists such as Agostino Di Scipio, Tim Hodgkinson, Thomas Lehn, Cat Hope, Peter Kutin, Andrea Valle, Birgit Ulher, SEC_, Chris Galarreta, Visa Kuoppala. He attained a Bachelor in Music and New Technologies from the Conservatory of Trapani, and a Master’s Degree in Music and New Technologies from the Conservatory of Naples where he studied with Agostino Di Scipio. He is currently working on the Creative Music Practice PhD programme at the University of Edinburgh.


From silence to chaotic self-organized systems, from structured and strict performative approach, to the most brutal abuses of improvisation, Renato Grieco is a tireless and devoted researcher. Raised with a strong classical and jazz training, he gets to explore all kind of sonic arts. His poetry involves several topics, and includes a multitude of personal experiences. Acoustic ecology, feedback and musique concrete are now vocabularies that influence his compositional research and his improvisational, eclectic, and unpredictable thought. He is member of various music ensembles like Les Enervés, Tricatiempo, Genital Warts… with which he has played several venues and festival around Italy, Norway, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland and Turkey. He is carrieng through his solo project of eai (KNN / Kaspar NonNewton). He had the opportunity to perform with some prominent artist such as Hans Koch, Evan Parker, Sharif Sehnaoui, SEC_, Thomas Bonvalet, Jean-Marc Foussat, Olivier Di Placido, Jonas Kocher, Michel Doneda, Elio Martusciello, Paul N Roth, Ensamble Dissonanzen, C_C, Adam Rudolf, Lisa Mezzacappa, Ossatura.
He organize many concert in Naples since 2012.


Moniker of Giulio Nocera, composer and improviser with a background in theatre and cinema. AM approaches music with an attitude of a director, considering sound as a visual element. His research is mainly focused around the techniques of the musique concrete dedicating a lot of time to listen, collect and archive sounds. During his performance he uses a Revox B77 mk II, a reel-to-reel used to manipulate and transfigure pre-recorded sounds in order to give them a new meaning and bring them far from their ontological reference. He also adoperate many different techniques such as digital elaboration, resampling, miking and amplification of surfaces.

Half of the duo Les énervés (together with Renato Grieco) and Heith (with Daniele Guerrini – Haunter Records) he has active collaborations with Giovanni Lami, Cris X, Marco Clivati, and is part of an experimental-pop duo with the polish singer Mymi.


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