Solo and group sets @ Blurred Edges Festival, Hamburg

Screenshot 2017-06-08 22.03.56.pngFriday 9th and Saturday 10th, June 2017

Two gigs in this great annual festival for contemporary music in Hamburg.

On June 9th I play a bass clarinet solo as part of this lineup:

Elisabeth Flunger (Luxemburg): percussion solo
Thomas Krüger, “Lanzarote, Winter ’97 (mit Souvenir)” UA with AAA—AAA
Yoni Silver (London): bass clarinet solo
Michael Maierhof: “specific objects, 9 min” with AAA—AAA
Helmut Lachenmann: “Salut für Caudwell” with AAA—AAA Guitar duo
Svetlana Maras (Belgrad): electronics solo

June 9th concert on festival site

On June 10th I’ll join several other musicians for ad hoc combos.

Elisabeth Flunger: percussion
JD Zazie: turntables
Dominic Lash: double bass
Svetlana Maraš: electronics
Yoni Silver: bass clarinet
Christoph Schiller: spinet
Gregory Büttner: computer, objects, external speaker
Michael Maierhof: prepared cello
Birgit Ulher: trumpet, radio, objects, speaker
Heiner Metzger: soundtable, objects

June 10th concert on festival site


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