solo + duo w/volkov @ Summer Binge @ Cafe Oto


8pm Monday 24/7/17, Cafe Oto, London

Many short sets by different musicians. Curated by Ilan Volkov.


– John Maxwell Hobbs performing his “And Flights of Angels Sing Thee To Thy Rest 1”

– Leo Chadburn performing Jennifer Walshe’s “A Folk Song Collection Vol. 2” (2016) and Christopher Fox’s “His Song” (2017)

– Muyassar Kurdi and Diana Policarpo – voice, electronics and percussion

– Patricia Alessandrini and Heather Roche – electronics and clarinets

– Yoni Silver – bass clarinet solo

– The Two Bennys – Adam de la Cour & Taylor Benedict

– Juan Parra – electronics

– Guy Harries – solo

– Hannah Marshall – solo

– People Like Us – solo

– Mariam Rezaei – solo

– Ilan Volkov duo with Yoni Silver



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