Goldberg Violations

Recompositions of the 1955 Glenn Gould recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, using a polyphonic pitch/time-shifting software.
So this is still Glenn Gould – but he’s playing my variations on the variations. Ha.

I have released a Bandcamp album of the first half of the piece, including fifteen of the thirty variations. The second half will be released in the future.

Birthday Tracks

Tracks created as birthday presents for friends. Instruments used: violin, bass clarinet, alto sax, flute, ocarina, piano, guitars, voice, software synthesizers, audio plugins and audio processing of various kinds…


Crinoline is a puppet theatre play created and performed by Sharon Silver-Merrett and Liora Shukrun for the 13th Puppet Festival of Holon in 2010. I composed the soundtrack and music.

This is a short opening movie for the play, which was projected onto Sharon and Liora’s white dresses. The soundtrack includes part of a recorded conversation between John Cage and Morton Feldman, a recording of a Mozart piano sonata with some of the notes pitch-shifted, and part of “I’m Sorry Sally”, recorded in 1929 by Al Bowlly with the Fred Elizade Band.


Short piece for multiple overdubbed bass clarinets and flutes – originally intended for a dance routine. This was the basis for a later score, written for six singers and four flautists (excerpt of score in the Scored Music page)

HaMigrash (המגרש)

HaMigrash (2006) was originally intended as an extra track for Shchol ve Kishalon – the second studio album by the Israeli rock band HaBiluim, of which I was a member. It is made entirely out of unused materials recorded and sampled during the recordings. Eventually the track was deemed too weird for the album and was not released.


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