Hyperion Ensemble

“Hyperion was founded in 1976 by the composer Iancu Dumitrescu. As a starting point, Hyperion explored possible connections between the most archaic Romanian music – Byzantine music, folk music collected by Bartok, etc. – and today’s avant-garde music. It is a tradition of performance, of interpreting each new score as a provocation of the spirit, and a quest for new domains of sound. Aesthetically, at the heart of this work is the notion of spectrality as it developed in the work of Dumitrescu, Avram and other Romanian composers – that is: a specifically transformational spectrality, as opposed to the structural spectrality of the French Itinéraire group. Hyperion has performed all over Europe, Israel and in United States, and recorded numerous LPs and 28 compact discs. (from Mode Records- New York)” – Eran Sachs

In 2011 Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram were invited by conductor Ilan Volkov to Israel to work with a group of local musicians, including Eran Sachs, Alex Drool, Haggai Fershtman, Danny Felsteiner, Maya Dunietz, Ilan Volkov, Adam Scheflan, Ronald Boerson, and myself. Ever since, a core of this group has continued to tour with the two composers, joined by the Rumanian members of the original Hyperion Ensemble, as well as musicians such as Stephen O’Malley, Steve Noble, Chris Cutler, and others, and has played numerous venues and festivals in Germany, France, UK, Romania and Israel.


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