European Extreme w/Ensemble x.y

Friday 29th March 2019 at 8:30PM, Make Your Own Shift, London

Since Ana-Maria Avram’s untimely death in the summer of 2017 , The Hyperion Ensemble – which was founded by Iancu Dumitrescu, but behind which Avram was the main productional driving force – has gone into hibernation. This sadly meant that her beautiful works have practically ceased to be performed.

So I was very happy and moved to be invited (alongside Hyperion veteran Tim Hodgkinson) to take part in a performance of Ana Maria’s ‘Parhelion’ with London based Ensemble x.y.

I will also join them in Dror Feiler’s challenging piece ‘Lament’.

Here’s the event text from Ensemble x.y:

Ensemble x.y presents “European Extremes,” an evening of music, film, and discussion on the subject of Europe, all taking place on the evening that the UK leaves the European Union. You’ll hear a world premiere – commissioned by Ensemble x.y, and jointly composed by Richard Hames, Mayah Kadish, and Elischa Kaminer – Dror Feiler’s “Lament,” Ana-Maria Avram’s “Parhelion,” and the UK premiere of Elena Rykova’s “Life Expectancy.” Ensemble x.y are honoured to be the first group other than the Hyperion Ensemble to perform Avram’s work, and will be joined by members of Hyperion, as well as members of the Apocalypse Jazz Unit. There’ll also be a film and discussion on the subject of Brexit and migration, with full details to be announced soon.

Jordan Bergmans
Cecilia Bignall
Christine Buras
Alyson Frazier
Richard Hames
Tim Hodgkinson
Ilze Ikse
Mayah Kadish
Alex Paxton
Oliver Pooley
Gwen Reed
Toby Thatcher (Conductor)
Yoni Silver
Beibei Wang
Otto Willberg
David Zucchi

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Stereo Spasms Festival w/Ashley Paul, Jon Leidecker, Matana Roberts

Safe image

Tuesday 12.2.18 19:30 Cafe Oto

Part of the week-long festival dedicated to the music of Luc Ferrari, I will be part of a small ensemble playing “Et Tournent le Sons dans la Garrigue”, a beautiful piece for improvisers and pre-recorded tape.

Ashley Paul – alto sax, clarinet, electric guitar
Matana Roberts – alto sax, clarinet, sampler
Jon Leidecker – electronics
Yoni Silver – bass clarinet, violin, piano

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Ashley Paul w/Ben Pritchard and myself @ Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival

20.10.18 19:30 The Rose Hill, Brighton

Ashley Paul will be playing (guitar and alto sax) and singing songs from her latest album, with Ben Pritchard on guitar and objects, and myself on bass clarinet, clarinet, and piano.