Duo w/ Steve Noble @ Aural Terrains 10th anniversary @Hundred Years Gallery

Screenshot 2017-12-06 23.38.04.pngSteve Noble and I released our first duo CD, “Home”, on Thanos Chrysakis’ Aural Terrains label a couple of months ago, and we’re going to perform our duo at this event.


Kammer Klang: Mary Jane Leach performed by Ashley Paul, Thurston Moore, Tom James Scott, Lucy Railton, Yoni Silver + Mette Rasmussen & Sofia Jernberg + Dawn Scarfe

23674893_10214715800992820_1278161145283157701_o.jpg05.12.2017 19:30 Cafe Oto

Super excited to play “Wolff Tones E-tude” by Mary Jane Leach with this ad-hoc ensemble put together by Ashley Paul. Also on the bill is a tape piece by MJ, a wine-glass/feedback solo by Dawn Scarfe, and a duo by the superb Mette Rasmussen and Sofia Jernberg.

w/ Douglas Benford, Ross Lambert, Julie Pickard

Saturday 2nd December 7:30pm

Ross Lambert
Northern Irish (and London-based) guitarist and ‘magnetic andvibrating sources’ player Ross Lambert, has in his own words, thefollowing fundamental and simultaneous approaches to live performance to play as though it was both the first time and also the last; and to able to differentiate between what is good and worth conserving and what is not. Ross has been involved in, initiated and been a connector between a very wide variety of improvisatory music since his first exposure and (immediate) commitment to it, in Sheffield via Derek Bailey during the mid-1980s. Although under-recorded (he claims ‘by choice’), Ross has worked with a huge number of musicians from around the world, including Tetuzi Akiyama, Ami Yoshida, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Paul Hession, Rhodri Davies, John Butcher and Evan Parker, as well as his close friends Eddie Prevost, Seymour Wright, and Sebastian Lexer.

Julie Pickard
Julie pickard is a visual artist & writer and occasional musician based in London, UK. Her visual work includes paintings, sculptures, drawings and text pieces, and sometimes she performs with her accordion. Trained in sculpture and painting, her current projects involve drawing, painting and writing. Her work follows a meandering line, recording events, explorations, perceptions. when painting she works in oil, when writing, she works on small text pieces, paragraphs, short stories, articles.

Douglas Benford
Douglas Benford, composer and sound artist, has been involved in various audio genres since the late 1980s, performing at institutions in the UK (Bristol’s Arnolfini, London’s Science Museum, Tate Modern, The Wellcome Collection, Cafe Oto, The Roundhouse, ICA and Glasgow’s CCA), festivals worldwide (Mutek, Synch, Transmediale) and has had installation work in numerous UK galleries (London, Swansea, Stroud and Essex). After numerous electronica releases in his ‘si-cut.db’ guise, in the past decade he has focused on acoustic improvisation and installations, using field recordings, classical instruments, objects (inc. bicycle and typewriter), vocals and children’s toys. His regular collaborators include Blanca Regina, poet Tamar Yoseloff, Angharad Davies, Lina Lapelyte, Clive Bell, Steve Beresford, Sue Lynch, Adam Bohman, Jem Finer, sculptor Rob Olins, as well as – in the past – pop group Saint Etienne, Momus, Rod Thomas (Bright Light Bright Light),
Scanner, Stephan Mathieu and DJ Andrew Weatherall. He was also co-curator with Iris Garrelfs Sprawl audio events (established in 1996) in London.

Ram Gabay & Yoni Silver UK Tour


Very excited to go on this tour of the UK with Ram Gabay who is an amazing musician from Israel (drums, guitar, among others).
We are very lucky to be joined by many incredible musicians along our seven-city route:
Crystabel Riley, Edward Lucas, Dominic Lash, Mathew Grigg, Mark Langford, Vridian, Greta Buitkute, Kellex Iko (Kelly Jones), David Birchall, THF Drenching, Philip Marks, Kleevex, Dawn Bothwell, Joe (Posset) Murray, Stuart Arnot, Jude Browning, Gölden Püssy, Ali Robertson, Butter, Maria Sappho Donohue, La Brea Pulpit, Aimmar Cair, and Seth Cooke.

Links to all the events
Oct 25 – London
Oct 26 – Bristol
Oct 27 – Manchester
Oct 29 – Newcastle
Oct 30 – Edinburgh
Oct 31 – Glasgow
Nov 1 – Leeds

Item 10 – Alex Ward ensemble project

Item 10 is Alex Ward’s first foray beyond the world of small group leadership into the challenge of composing for a large ensemble, and the program will consist entirely of new pieces written by him for this performance. The musicians in the ensemble range from long-term associates of Ward’s to others with whom he will be working for the first time in this group, and their strong musical personalities and varied backgrounds in the worlds of free improvisation, jazz and contemporary composition will be reflected in a evening of dynamic and unclassifiable large-group music, in which the structural and material elements made possible through notation will serve to stimulate rather than trammel the performers’ improvisational instincts and responses.

YONI SILVER: bass clarinet and alto sax
ALEX WARD: clarinet, guitar and compositions
OTTO WILLBERG: double bass
CHARLOTTE KEEFFE: trumpet and flugelhorn
CATH ROBERTS: baritone sax

£8 / £6 concessions / £4 Cafe Oto members

Doors 7.30pm, music starts 8.30.



Screenshot 2017-08-26 21.14.08

Saturday, September 2nd, 4pm – Goldsmiths University

A piece for improvisers by Bill Thompson.
Following description taken from the Facebook event page:
GATES 2017 features 30+ London performers (musicians and otherwise) performing Gates by Bill Thompson.

Gates was written in 2001 with the aim of creating a work using the minimum amount of information possible – when to play and when not. Otherwise the piece is completely open, even allowing players to leave the venue when not performing. Durations are based on prime numbers to keep the times staggered and unpredictable, and no two players’ scores are the same. The result is a constantly evolving work that reveals different layers suddenly or gradually, building up and breaking down in unforeseen ways, yet always reflecting the players at any given moment.

This realisation will be the most ambitious both with regard to duration (4 hours) and the number of performers. Drawing from London’s pool of experimental musicians, improvisers, and other, Gates 2017 will feature over 30 performers interacting across the 4 hour duration in the open space of Goldsmiths Great Hall.

Performers include Prof_lofi Tom Mudd Jan Hendrickse Phil DurrantSylvia Hallett John Butcher Ian Stonehouse Lucia H Chung, Sue LynchEmmanuel L. Spinelli James L Malone Electric Elizabeth Artur VidalRichard Sanderson Adam Campbell Marjolaine Charbin Ian Spink Yoni Silver Billy Steiger DJプチプチ Daniel James Ross Daniel Kordik Douglas Benford Edward Lucas James O’Sullivan Henry Rodrick Grundik Kasyansky James Flynn Sabrina Hadimadja Blanca Regina Michael SpeersCrystabel Riley and more tbc.

Admission is £5 donation, no one turned away for lack of funds.

Facebook event
Contingent events on Twitter