Music for “Rescue” by Public Movement

August 18 and 19, Århus, Denmark

Rescue” is a performance piece created by Public Movement, which is based on a study of the physical actions of emergency service people during rescue operations.
It’s a four hour durational piece performed outdoors, and I have created a multi speaker soundtrack for it which I will control and improvise with during the shows.—rescue/9349/

“HOME” – CD Launch with Steve Noble + Phil Minton solo

Screenshot 2017-07-29 20.59.44.png

6pm July 30, 2017 @ IKLECTIC, London

After a few years of playing together as a duo, we finally released a CD together Aural Terrains, a wonderful label run by Thanos Chrisakis.
Most of our sessions were held in Steve Noble’s front room, so this is one of our rare public performances.
CDs will be available for purchase at the door.

Sharing the evening with us will be the one and only Phil Minton in a vocal solo.

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solo + duo w/volkov @ Summer Binge @ Cafe Oto


8pm Monday 24/7/17, Cafe Oto, London

Many short sets by different musicians. Curated by Ilan Volkov.


– John Maxwell Hobbs performing his “And Flights of Angels Sing Thee To Thy Rest 1”

– Leo Chadburn performing Jennifer Walshe’s “A Folk Song Collection Vol. 2” (2016) and Christopher Fox’s “His Song” (2017)

– Muyassar Kurdi and Diana Policarpo – voice, electronics and percussion

– Patricia Alessandrini and Heather Roche – electronics and clarinets

– Yoni Silver – bass clarinet solo

– The Two Bennys – Adam de la Cour & Taylor Benedict

– Juan Parra – electronics

– Guy Harries – solo

– Hannah Marshall – solo

– People Like Us – solo

– Mariam Rezaei – solo

– Ilan Volkov duo with Yoni Silver


“HOME” – New release on Aural Terrains


A long time in the making, the music on this CD was recorded at ‘ping pong studios’ (Steve Noble’s front room) where we used to meet for weekly sessions over the span of about two years.

Steve Noble – Drum and percussion
Yoni Silver – Bass clarinet

Recorded, Edited and Mixed by Yoni Silver.
Mastered by Thanos Chrysakis.

Dedicated to my seven month old son, Alexander (Ali) Silver Schendar

More info on the release page of the Aural Terrains label.

w/ John Edwards, Hannah Marshall, Caroline Kraabel & Daniel Thompson @ Horse Improvised Music Club


20.6.17 8:30pm, IKLECTIK, London

John Edwards – double bass
Hannah Marshall – cello
Caroline Kraabel – alto sax
Daniel Thompson – guitar
Yoni Silver – bass clarinet

and SOLO:
Kev Hopper – electric bass

and also TRIPTIK:
Adam Bohman – amplified objects and strings
Catherine Pluygers – oboe
Adrian Northover – sax, electronics

Solo and group sets @ Blurred Edges Festival, Hamburg

Screenshot 2017-06-08 22.03.56.pngFriday 9th and Saturday 10th, June 2017

Two gigs in this great annual festival for contemporary music in Hamburg.

On June 9th I play a bass clarinet solo as part of this lineup:

Elisabeth Flunger (Luxemburg): percussion solo
Thomas Krüger, “Lanzarote, Winter ’97 (mit Souvenir)” UA with AAA—AAA
Yoni Silver (London): bass clarinet solo
Michael Maierhof: “specific objects, 9 min” with AAA—AAA
Helmut Lachenmann: “Salut für Caudwell” with AAA—AAA Guitar duo
Svetlana Maras (Belgrad): electronics solo

June 9th concert on festival site

On June 10th I’ll join several other musicians for ad hoc combos.

Elisabeth Flunger: percussion
JD Zazie: turntables
Dominic Lash: double bass
Svetlana Maraš: electronics
Yoni Silver: bass clarinet
Christoph Schiller: spinet
Gregory Büttner: computer, objects, external speaker
Michael Maierhof: prepared cello
Birgit Ulher: trumpet, radio, objects, speaker
Heiner Metzger: soundtable, objects

June 10th concert on festival site

Denis D’or, Charles Matthews and more @ New River Studios


17.5.17 8pm, New River Studios

Denis D’or are Grundik Kasyansky on no input synth, Tom Wheatley on double bass, and myself on bass clarinet.
This gig is part of the openJack series dedicated to electronic and experimental music.
Besides us there will be a set by Charles Matthews, who does really intriguing stuff with a sort of a mechanised miniature Gamelan setup.

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The Empire Strikes Back: Kingdom of the Synthetic @ Donau Festival


Three shows on April 28/29/30

After having performed all over Germany, Ariel Efraim Ashbel and friends’ theatre piece returns for three more shows at the great Donau Festival in Krems, Austria.
In my role as musical director I acted as composer, programmer, vocal coach, instrument designer, instrumentalist (bass clarinet and plank guitar), and in at least one case, also some as an ad-hoc director. This refers to a robo-dance scene with a ‘microphone’ robot feedbacking through a ‘speaker’ robot, and so generating an improvised feedback music to (and through) their movements.

H’art songs

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16.4.17 8:30pm, Hateiva, Jaffa

A very special project and a kind of thing I don’t usually do.
I transcribed Moondog’s CD H’art songs (originally layered pianos, singing and percussion) and arranged it for two pianos.
Maya Dunietz and myself are going to sing and play these two pianos, and with Ram Gabay on percussion we will perform this beautiful album in its entirety.

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Trio with Shmil Frankel & Ofer Bymel @ TLV SoundArt Festival

17156239_1391637344208028_8128760115253393339_n.jpg12.4.17 9pm, Zimmer, Tel Aviv

A two day festival (April 12-13) of experimental and sound oriented music with performers Maya Dunietz, Uri Frost, Daniel Davidovsky, Fay Shapiro, Lars Sergel, Daniel Baranov, Uri Shechter, Illi Adato, Yaniv Kuris, Ofer Bymel, Gigi Ophir, Shaul Kohn, Shmil Frankel, Yariv Zerbiv, Anat Pick, Yaniv Perot, Ofer Smilensky, Michael Zolotov, Adam Scheflan, Yael Barolsky, Guy Dubius, Ron Katzir, Hilel David, Ma’ayan Tzdaka, Ofer Tiser, Sasha Li, Nadav Masel, Yiphtah Kadan.

I will be performing on Wednesday 12.4, 9pm, in trio with Shmil Frenkel and Ofer Bymel.
We’ll be playing loud and scrunchy.

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