Gabay/Silver @ Café Oto Project Space

21.10.18 7pm

A couple of months ago we went on a tour of England and Scotland. Now, after having brushed up our act, Ram returns to London for a one off gig.

Ram Gabay – drums and percussion
Yoni Silver – bass clarinet and violin

This is a bit of what Joe Posset wrote about our performance in Newcastle a year ago:

“Yoni and Ram are inventive masters pushing each of their respective instruments though ten rounds delivering stylistic K.O’s with grace and regularity. Yoni’s deep, deep honk is filtered through an enviable technique, rude tongue-slaps on the gummy reed, a foot in the brass bell and plastic filters clattering with the power of sculpted air.

Ram’s drums (a couple of snares, a rogue bass drum and a collection of cymbals and gee-gaws) are cosseted and stroked like old house cats. Skins are thrummed and thowked. The mixture of texture and timing fill the air with gritty vibrations that are expertly controlled with the occasional sharp ‘crack’ brining us out of our misty reverie and back into the present. Special mention must be made of the bass drum – a slack and sliding mobile unit skittering at the sight of Ram’s well-heeled boot.

And the interplay between the two is gob-dropping, jaw-smacking. Nuance unwraps further nuance, in a cluttered Venn diagram alive with microscopic bristle.”


Ashley Paul w/Ben Pritchard and myself @ Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival

20.10.18 19:30 The Rose Hill, Brighton

Ashley Paul will be playing (guitar and alto sax) and singing songs from her latest album, with Ben Pritchard on guitar and objects, and myself on bass clarinet, clarinet, and piano.

Trio w/Alex Ward & Ingrid Plum @SOLO:DUO:TRIO @Cafe Oto Project Space

28/8/18 19:30 Café Oto Project Space

SOLO:DUO:TRIO is a monthly night of improvised performances bringing together a wide variety of musicians and artists. Each show features a solo, a duo, and a trio performance where performers are invited to present something new or play with a person they haven’t played with before in an intimate and open environment.

SOLO: Brigitte Hart

DUO: Cath Roberts & Daniel Thompson

TRIO: Ingrid Plum, Yoni Silver & Alex Ward

The SEEN III @Hundred Years Galleryi


Friday 15th June 19:30, Hundred Years Gallery

One of my rare violin-only gigs…

Mark Wastell
has been organising larger formations of musicians, collectively known as THE SEEN since 2001. Using predominantly improvised material with occasional instructions or themes distributed to individual musicians just prior to performance. No formation has ever been repeated, THE SEEN never stays static.

Embarking on it’s first ever residency at the gallery, hear THE SEEN’s music develop over a four month period, shifting performance to performance, each one sounding different to the last.

The SEEN / Friday 15th June :

Phil Julian : electronics
Tom Jackson : clarinet
Douglas Benford : object
Yoni Silver : violin
Richard Sanderson : accordion
Spencer Grady : bowed banjo
Dominic Lash : double bass
Mark Wastell : tam tam

Doors 7:30 | music 8pm | entry £5