• GLITZ (download 2018) duo with Crystabel Riley. View/Buy
  • Yoni Silver & Ram Gabai (download 2018) five sets from my UK tour with Ram Gabai. View/Buy
  • Home (CD 2017) duo with Steve Noble released on Aural Terrains. View/buy
  • Ape (CS 2016) Bass clarinet solo cassette released on Hideous Replica. View/buy
  • NAX/XUS (CD 2016) Mark Sanders on drums, Tom Wheatley on double bass, and myself on bass clarinet. Released on Confront Recordings. View/buy
  • Peep Holes (CD 2010) A solo bass clarinet release on the Portuguese label Creative Sources. View/buy
  • A Mono Musical Suite For Three Manic Musicians (CD 2005) Trio with Harold Rubin on clarinet and Maya Dunietz on piano, recorded in Israel.

Also appearing on

  • Black Moss Pot – F.Ampism (CS 2017) released on Tutore Burlato
  • Katastroffa – by the Midnight Peacocks (CD 2017) Israeli metal ‘circus-core’ band.
  • SIX SODDENED SCENES – Blood Stereo (VNL 2016From a split Vinyl (with Juno Lake Loop(s)), released on Discrepant. View/buy
  • Failing Better – Dganit Elyakim (CD 2015) On this CD I play “One on 1.1”, a piece for bass clarinet and electronics composed for me by Dganit. Released on Aural Terrains. View/buy
  • CUTS – Tim Hodgkinson (CD 2015) Released on FreeForm Association. View/buy
  • STANDART – Posset (CS 2015) Cassette release on SPAM.
  • The Lure of Gurp (CDr 2015) Numbered edition of 25 CDrs released on Chocolate Monk View/buy
  • Ilan Volkov Conducts Hyperion Ensemble (CD 2014) Released on Edition Modern. View/buy
  • Clean Cut – Juju and Jordash (CD 2014) Released on DEKMANTEL View/buy
  • Iancu Dumitrescu, Ana-Maria Avram – Paris/London (III) (CD 2013) Released on Edition Modern. View/buy
  • Myelination – Jean Claude Jones (CD 2011) Featuring Steve Horenstein baritone sax, Yoni Silver bass clarinet, Harold Rubin clarinet and voice, Ariel Shibolet soprano sax, Jake Marmer poetry, JC Jones bass and vocalist Yael Tai. An electronically generated soundtrack based on the vibrational patterns of the Myelin protein – which plays an important role in Multiple Sclerosis, an illness which Jean Claude Jones is a sufferer of – serves as the basis of this CD, released on JC’s Kadima Collective. View/buy
  • Iancu Dumitrescu, Ana-Maria Avram – Live in Israel vol 1/2 (CD 2011) Released on Edition Modern. View/buy
  • Live in Jerusalem – Gunter Baby Sommer (CD 2009) Featuring Gunter ‘Baby’ Sommer on drums, Assif Tsahar on bass clarinet, Steve Horenstein on baritone and soprano saxes, Yonatan Albalak guitar, Yoni Silver bass clarinet, Yonatan Kretzmer tenor saxophone and JC Jones bass. Released on the Israeli label Kadima Collective. View/buy
  • Shirim leYoel – Rona Kenan (CD 2009) Released on NMC. Co-produced, wrote the arrangements, and played multiple instruments for this Israeli singer songwriter.
  • Shchol veKishalon – Habiluim  (CD 2007) Released on NMC. Israeli rock band.
  • Shalosh – Midnight Peacocks (CD 2007) Released on Earsay. Israeli rock band.
  • Its a Brutal Machine – Midnight Peacocks (CD 2005) Released on Earsay. I wrote string arrangements for a couple of songs here. Israeli metal ‘circus-core’ band.
  • Listening – Albert Beger’s 5 (CD 2004) Released on Earsay.
  • Habiluim – by Habiluim (CD 2003) Released on NMC. Israeli rock band.