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For string ensemble and piano.
Premiered in 2014 at Cafe Oto, London, by Jennifer Allum, Rebecca Davies, Marcio Mattos, Aisha Orazbayeva, Michael Francis Duch, Tom Wheatley, Mira Benjamin, Daniel Pioro, Oliver Coates, Noura Sanatian, Lina Lapelyte, Dominic Lash, Benedict Taylor, and David Lasserson. Conducted by Ilan Volkov.

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Zero Gravity Tea Ceremony

A graphic score for four contrabasses and four gongs (also played by the contrabassists).
Premiered in 2014 at HaTeiva, Tel Aviv, by Shmil Frenkel, Gabriel Meyer, Yoav Beirach and Nadav Masel.
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Daddy Longlegs

A semi-graphic score for 10 piece ensemble with three improvisers, commissioned and premiered in 2013 by the Israeli Contemporary Players conducted by Ilan Volkov, at the Tel Aviv Art Museum.
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بدون ترجمة

An open form semi-graphic piece for nine instruments.

Comprised of ten independent sections labeled alphabetically. The conductor signals each section with a corresponding letter-card and is free to choose the order of the sections (pre-concert or in real time)  and to decide which sections will or will not be played in any given performance.
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Based on an older audio piece of the same name, Ha is scored for six voices and four flutes, and was performed by Giv’ol Choir in 2005.
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