violin цигулка כינור

A short video/live work created for A-Genre festival, Tel Aviv 2012.

The piece is based on a short violin improvisation (top left frame of the video below).
The top right frame was recorded after a few days of having attempted to re-learn this improvisation solely by observing my own motions on the violin, with the original audio turned off (this is the reason for the shooting angle and pieces of white tape on the bow – to help me follow and reproduce my own movements).
The bottom left frame is yet another recording of the same process described above, only this time I used the second video (top right) as my guide.
For each re-learning I plugged my ears and wore headphones playing music so I wouldn’t get used to hearing the outcome of my trials and work as much as possible through movement.

For the first two performances of this piece I projected the video onto a screen behind me, while playing a fourth live violin on top of the recorded ones – trying again to recreate the solo by looking at all three versions simultaneously.
In order to stick to the concept I hadn’t rehearsed this before the show.


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